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  • Au Fromager de is an expert service for international customers wishing to purchase high quality French cheeses for export. The experience of Rungis cheese professionals to help fellow... Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | cheese shops | sale of cheese products | farm-fresh cheeses [+] french cheeses | high quality cheeses, rungis | whole comté wholesale | wholesaler of outstanding cheeses, rungis | cheese wholesaler | cheese business | on-line cheese purchases | on-line cheese sales | on-line cheese wholesaler | on-line cheese
    FRANCE - Rungis
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  • The company Cepparo was created with the refining of typical Friulian products: Montasio and Latteria cheese. Then the company expanded its product range to all the best known national DOP cheeses... Supplier of: Cheese | Food - import-export | peppered sheep's cheese | fresh cheeses | parmesan cheese [+] ricotta cheese | cow's milk cheeses | asiago cheese | aged cheeses | goats' cheeses | emmenthal cheese | wholesale cheeses | sheep's cheese | mozzarellas | taleggio cheese

    Brands : CHEDDAR

    ITALY - Flaibano
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  • Gusto Dairy specializes in the production and distribution of dairy products and more specifically white and yellow cheese, analogue cheese and food service products. The company started its... Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | feta cheese | greek feta | fresh cheeses [+] parmesan cheese | emmenthal cheese | cheeses | wholesale cheeses | processed cheese | cheese for salads | traditional cheese | gouda | mozzarella for pizza | ricotta cheese
    GREECE - Katerini
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  • Fromagerie Régal is a traditional cheese dairy specialised in the production of fromages frais. We perpetuate ancestral know-how in the use of milk from Pays de Herve farms. We produce traditional... Supplier of: Cheese | fresh cheeses | cheesemaking | fromage frais pastry | fromage frais organisations [+] bespoke cheese production | cheese production under private label | natural fromage frais | low-fat fromage frais | butter fromage frais | fromage frais with fine herbs | fromage frais ingredients | maquée | flavoured fromage frais | traditional fromage frais

    Brands : Maquée de campagne | Régalou | Ferme Bidelot

    BELGIUM - Queue-Du-Bois
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  • Producer and wholesaler of unpasteurised ewe's cheese from the Basque country. We supply a full range (small 600 gr, 1.2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, small hard cheese with Espelette chilli). Etchegoinia is a... Supplier of: Cheese | ewe's cheese | traditional cheese | semi-mature sheep's cheese | dry sheep's cheese [+] sheep's cheese | fresh sheep's cheese | mature sheep's cheese | traditional cheesemaker | french cheese wholesaler | cheese from the basque country | unpasteurised ewe's cheese | small hard ewes' cheese with chilli | hard ewes' cheese with espelette chilli | black cherry jam
    FRANCE - Ayherre
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  • The FRANCIA group consists of three companies which produce mozzarella. Our products include: Fresh cheeses, cheese, organic cheese, speciality cheeses, dairy products, organic dairy products and... Supplier of: Cheese | fresh cheeses | cow's milk cheeses | milk derivatives | cheeses and dairy products [+] mozzarella for pizza | mozzarellas | milk | ricotta cheese | food industry | organic foods | ordinary pasta shapes | twigs for ricotta | sale of cheese products | organic cheese
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • The FRANCIA group consists of three companies which produce mozzarella and other cow and buffalo milk related products. Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | butter | cheese factories | cheese [+] caciotta cheese | wholesale of dairy products | fresh milk | fior di latte mozzarella | mozzarellas | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | provolone cheese | cream | ricotta cheese | stracchino cheese
    ITALY - Sonnino
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  • Rochefort cheese and butter maker. Our company packs "extra" quality dairy products. They are wrapped to the strictest hygiene standards! We select the best regional, national and European butters,... Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | butter | rochefort cheese | rochefort butter [+] blondel butter | saint jacques butter | floreffe butter | belgian cheese making factory | belgian butter-making plant | celles sur lesse butter | val de lesse butter | butter made for own-label brands | abbaye cheeses
    BELGIUM - Celles
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  • Cacio di Pienza's production is a tradition with very ancient origins passed on from one generation to the next. Milk producers came together to form the Cooperativa di Cotignano, using and keeping... Supplier of: Cheese | sheep's cheese | pienza pecorino cheese | sheep's milk ricotta | sheep's milk cheeses [+] tuscan sheep's cheese | semi-mature sheep's cheese | mature sheep's cheese | ricotta cheese | peppered sheep's cheese | cheese factories | cheese | dry sheep's cheese | marzolino cheese
    ITALY - Contignano-Radicofani
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  • SEREMSOCOREM manufactures special machinery of all types, in particular for the food industry. We are manufacturers of cheese packaging machinery. We also retrofit and update packaging machines:... Supplier of: Cheese | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | cheese packaging lines | alpma reconditioning | cheese packaging [+] cheese-making machinery | reconditioning of packaging machinery | servicing of cheese packaging machinery | cheese packaging machine repair | distributor of cheese boxes | cheese rack unstacking machines | cheese conveying | cheese boxing | cheese packaging machines
    FRANCE - Chambray Les Tours
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  • We produce and distribute the NONNO NANNI line of unripened soft cheeses, including our main products Classic Stracchino, Stracchino with Yoghurt and Strachinno with probiotic ferments. Rounding off... Supplier of: Cheese | gnocchi | goats' cheeses | robiola | spreading cheeses [+] crescenza | fresh cheeses | stracchino cheese | yoghurt stracchino | fresh egg pasta | cheeses and dairy products | filled pasta first courses | primosale

    Brands : NONNO NANNI

    ITALY - Giavera Del Montello
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  • Agriform is the largest company in Veneto producing Grana Padano and other typical regional cheeses (Asiago, Piave, Montasio, Monte Veronese). Supplier of: Cheese | cheese shops | fresh cheeses | cheese | hard cheeses [+] wholesale cheeses | aged cheeses | grana padano | parmesan cheese | gorgonzola | dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | production of italian cheeses | cheeses from veneto
    ITALY - Sommacampagna
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  • We draw inspiration from Italian dairy and cheese-making traditions to make our products. The company specialises in the production of fresh cheeses, such as Primo Sale, Stracchino and Robiola,... Supplier of: Cheese | Fresh milk | Dairy products | goats' cheeses | fresh organic milk [+] organic yogurt | organic cheese | organic foods | semi-mature goat's milk cheese | mature goat's milk cheese | goat's milk stracchino cheese | goat's milk primo sale cheese | goat's milk ricotta | goat's milk yoghurts
    ITALY - Montelibretti
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  • The Caseificio Tomasoni creamery produces soft and firm cheeses, hard and semi-hard, by processing milk sourced from local farms. The main products are Crema del Piave, a popular cheese enjoyed for... Supplier of: Cheese | fresh cheeses | stracchino cheese | buffalo milk cheeses | regional and typical cheeses [+] cheese factories | cheese | the main lines are crema del piave, a popular creamy cheese, pannarello and casatella trevigiana pdo; | casatella trevigiana pdo

    Brands : CREMA DEL PIAVE

    ITALY - Breda Di Piave
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  • The cooperative was set up with the objective of organising, along business lines, the collection and processing of cheese products made from milk from the farms in the Camuno-Sebino basin. Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | cheese | wholesale of dairy products | cheese factories [+] milk | fresh cheeses | butter | household products distribution | regional and typical cheeses
    ITALY - Capo Di Ponte
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  • Our Reggiano parmesan is something special. Every round of cheese bears witness to the experience and heritage of a company founded in 1876. Our founder, Massimiliano Cantarelli, chose the special... Supplier of: Cheese | vacuum-packed reggiano parmesan | foodstuffs export | aged cheeses | regional and typical cheeses [+] buffalo milk cheeses | grana padano | wholesale cheeses | cheese maturing


    ITALY - Sant'ilario D'enza
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  • MEVGAL is a Dairy Company located in Koufalia near the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. It ranks: - 3rd amongst all Greek dairy companies and - 9th in the food sector The company... Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | natural yoghurt | yoghurt | greek yogurt / greek yoghurt exporter [+] greek feta cheese producers | cheese suppliers and exporters | greek cheese products pdo controlled denomination of origin | mediterranean diet | desserts
    GREECE - Koufalia
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  • Welcome! Fattoria dell'Alento is a cheesemaker that produces and sells typical products from the Campania region. For years we have covered all the production phases of cheeses and stretched curd... Supplier of: Cheese | mozzarellas | scamorza cheese | cheese | cheese factories
    ITALY - Perito
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  • Manufacturers of high quality cheese and butter. With designation of origin. Wide variety of produce. Visit our website. Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | cheese shops | butter | ricotta cheese [+] dairy products | milk | cheese wholesalers
    SPAIN - La Seu D'urgell-Lleida
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  • Choose the type of cheese you like and we will mix it for you. Thanks to the continuous advice of an Italian team of experts, we have organized our production mode to match current criteria, yet have... Supplier of: Cheese | Cheese-making machinery | cheesemaking | cheese shops | mozzarella [+] cheesemakers | dairy preparation

    Brands : Napoli

    SPAIN - Olmedo-Valladolid
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  • Welcome to Dana Dairy Group’s home on Europages. We are a world-leading producer and supplier of top quality milk and dairy products. Our DANA brand is our mark of excellence. It is well known to... Supplier of: Baby foods | uht milk | evaporated milk | infant formula | baby milk [+] sweetened condensed milk | baby cereals | milk powder
    SWITZERLAND - Carouge
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  • Unpasteurised ewes' cheese. Young, part-aged, aged, reserve and grand reserve cheeses. Supplier of: Cheese | cheese factories | mature sheep's cheese | manufacture of cheeses | manufacture of cheese [+] sheep's cheese | zamorano cheese
    SPAIN - Coreses
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  • We supply products for pizzerias, restaurants, trattorias, hotels, bars, brasseries, sandwich shops, patisseries, grills, bakeries and canteens. Tinned anchovies, frozen meat; flour for pizzas,... Supplier of: Cheese | Viennese bread and buns | Meats | Dairy products | Pasta [+] Flour and semolina | Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | mozzarella for pizza
    ITALY - Scandicci
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  • Montanari & Gruzza spa is situated in Via Emilia between Reggio Emilia and Parma: the company doesn't stop at providing all possibile sizes of butter, it also matures Parmesan Reggiano (which it also... Supplier of: Cheese | parmigiano reggiano | grana padano | organic reggiano parmesan | organic butter
    ITALY - Reggio Emilia
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  • Pellegrino Formaggi is a cheesemaker that makes Reggiano parmezan. Its modern facilities are located in the Stirone valley, in the heart of the grazing fields where Reggiano parmezan comes from,... Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | cheese shops | parmigiano reggiano | vacuum-packed reggiano parmesan [+] cheese factories | aged cheeses | regional and typical cheeses
    ITALY - Pellegrino Parmense
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  • Corchito Premium drinks and the best quality, vodka, rum, tequila, champagne, the best references in the market at your fingertips, please contact us. Armand de Brignac Champagne, Tequila Clase Azul... Supplier of: Cheese | Beverages - import-export | Wines | Non-alcoholic drinks | Ham [+] Tinned Foods | gastronomic products | gourmet products
    SPAIN - Almería
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  • Our sector: Azienda Lecciola di Rendina Luciana, Azienda Passeri Angelo e Figli and Cooperativa Agricola Zootecnica Casa del Corto - comprising Agrifood Toscana and about ten producer members in the... Supplier of: Cheese | Food - import-export | Meats | Ham | finocchiona [+] buffalo-milk mozzarellas | burrata cheese

    Brands : Mozzarella di bufala DOP

    ITALY - Barberino Di Mugello
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  • Supplier of: Cheese | butter | fresh cheeses | smoked cheeses | wholesale cheeses
    ITALY - Codogne'
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  • Supplier of: Cheese | Meats, cooked and cured | Ham | Sausages | french cheeses
    FRANCE - Rungis Cedex
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  • Supplier of: Cheese | cow's milk cheeses | buffalo milk cheeses | fresh cheeses | smoked cheeses
    ITALY - Vedelago
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